Monthly Archives: February 2020

Feeling The Now

Where are you, right now? In every respect, where are you? And what does it feel like?

It’s amazing, when you get really present with where you find yourself right now. Your inner world, your life circumstances-  countless choices have brought you here.

What is determining your perception of your reality right now? Your mind or your heart? How different does life feel from a feeling place instead of a thinking one?

If you would like some help finding out, below are a couple of guided open eyed meditations. One was recorded in this very spot by Oak Creek.

They can be listened to alone or back to back. Each is about 8 minutes. I would suggest listening alone, or with someone you are  ready to be utterly authentic with.


Coming Home to Peace


For me, it seems to be getting simpler. Feeling troubled? Unpack, find the blame or guilt, feel it, forgive it, let it go. All that bothers me reflects something from my own past.

The road back to inner peace can be a lot easier than I used to believe.