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Feeling The Now

Where are you, right now? In every respect, where are you? And what does it feel like?

It’s amazing, when you get really present with where you find yourself right now. Your inner world, your life circumstances-  countless choices have brought you here.

What is determining your perception of your reality right now? Your mind or your heart? How different does life feel from a feeling place instead of a thinking one?

If you would like some help finding out, below are a couple of guided open eyed meditations. One was recorded in this very spot by Oak Creek.

They can be listened to alone or back to back. Each is about 8 minutes. I would suggest listening alone, or with someone you are  ready to be utterly authentic with.


Ready to Fly


It has taken many years
To accept certain possibilities.
My body healing, for one.

It always seemed so effort filled
And I was too tired for that.
Surrender always felt sweeter.

The truth is
There is an energy required
That I can’t produce.

The grace is
I don’t need to.
It is already waiting.

It has been, patiently
Waiting for enough of me
To be held in the stillness.

Now I feel it
Flowing gently in the moment
As possibility I can choose.

With it comes a new identity
Long resisted gifts
And sense of purpose.

Purpose and freedom
Peace and a bit of passion
Joy enfolds any outcome.

In perfect timing
I stand ready
To fly.