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A Free Heart~Part 2


Watch the video first….this will all make sense 🙂

Ha, ok, again with the letting go….so it appears I cannot upload audio files to this site with this current free plan. Nor can I upload a simple audio file to YouTube then copy it here, as I do with these videos. I haven’t decided if I am going to build a website with WordPress or with Wix yet, hence my hesitation to upgrade to a paying plan here.

The walking meditation audio files simply guided you to walk with an awareness of breath while shifting to an open gaze. You know, looking without looking at anything in particular. This will naturally shift your awareness inward, and it will feel like your retreated a couple inches from your eyes to the center of your head. You will feel the shift every time you engage mentally with something you are looking at, and when you come back to an open gaze and the breath.

I also encouraged you on the recording to look up. Physically…look up while in the that place of awareness and breath. Let the expanse of the sky expand you on the inside. You are so much more than you may realize. And you are Beloved upon this Earth. I trust you will feel this more deeply than ever if you practice this type of walking meditation.

When we connect to what lies beyond our five senses, to our inner awareness, we are connecting to whatever you wanna call the Consciousness that has created and connects all things. And it is aware of you. I hope with all my heart that you feel that, and more deeply as you meditate in this or any other way.

I will make videos instead of audio recordings, perhaps, and do it that way.

For now, may the present moment call you into never ending expanse of Love and possibility it holds.

Love and peace 🙂






Should I Stay or Should I Go


All I would add to what I said here is we can’t energetically compartmentalize our lives. Not entirely. So the energy of a relationship is going to affect the rest of your life, positively or negatively.

The same is true in reverse. The struggle to stay in alignment with what does for work, lets say, is creating resistance that will block to some extent the flow you feel in your family life and other interests.

It just becomes a matter of priority, I suppose, and where feeling in alignment with the things you give your energy to is on that list.

See you next time!

ps. It DID get a lot warmer today than it was making this! Super sunny spring Sunday!





Inspired by the Young

I am!….inspired by the young people close to me. So much of what I’ve learned  and sharing about has been centered around getting past our limitations. Limitations that some of the younger minds just don’t have.

They are coming at life so differently than I did. I love it!

Stripping Down to Wholeness

Again, another clever and oxymoronic title 🙂

Building on the previous two videos, this morning I sat out in the wonderful sunshine and shared what came up. My intention is to get present and get out of the way and share what comes up. It’s a work in progress, but I am enjoying it.


I wanted to add that I recognize that the present moment contains more than just our Presence. And that we can feel more than just peace and love in it. I don’t mean to imply that if you feel sadness or anger you aren’t present.

In fact, if we aren’t authentic, if we don’t acknowledge whatever is in our Now, we have resistance to it that will keep us from returning back to our natural state of peace, freedom and love.

We have taken on the beautiful challenges of being human, and are learning and evolving as we go. I just want to share what gives me joy on the journey.

Recognizing Your Heart’s Voice


I think I want to add to this by saying that when I am listening to and moving from a place of awareness instead of my story and it’s limitations, life takes on a magical quality. It just flows. There is an ease and grace to it. Synchronicity abounds. I am delighted by the unexpected.

If my life loses this flow, this sense of ease, for any real length of time I know I am back to moving from my limitations, my beliefs. With practice and attention it gets easier to recognize this shift, and choose to come back Home to the sweet present moment.

Of course, I am still practicing 🙂

Love and peace….

Don’t Be A Tool

I decided to make a video instead of writing these thoughts…change it up a bit. I also find when I write I am constantly going from my heart to my head to edit what I just wrote. Making a video eliminates that. Well, unless you wanna do the whole thing over. Which I almost did….then the flow of the day just didn’t allow for it.

So here you go. Just a little sharing about what I realized (again, but more deeply this time) yesterday morning.



A Freed Heart Dances

todd (1)

It had been a long time. Tears came as I felt my body release in ways long forgotten. My heart was setting my body free.  I was dancing.

As I shared about in the last post, it has been a long journey with pain. My resistance that pain, more than the pain itself,  had kept my heart and body from true freedom for many years. While I have been able to resume activities like biking and easy hiking, the motion of my body had remained controlled, limited….governed by caution. I had lacked the pure, childlike joy and trust that comes with a truly free heart.

boy dancing for joy

But there I was, alone in my apartment, my body moving in rhythm to Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton’s  Say Something. There was no thinking, no attempts at dance moves I thought were dance moves…I was just moving, with my heart’s joy and growing passion leading the way.

As I felt my hips, knees and even a sore ankle open up, part of me was amazed at what I was doing. That lasted 2 seconds, and then a wave of remembrance washed over me. This is how I used to feel in my body. This is normal. My heart broke open as old perceptions broke away.

I was aware of how my back was doing everything the flow was asking of it, and tears of gratitude and joy welled up. My back, my support~this had long been the part of my body most governed by caution. It now felt unlimited. My heart soared, the dancing became stronger, more free.  I had never known what ecstatic dance felt like.

ecstatic dancer

Sure, there had been dancing in my younger days. But dancing at a party or club had always required alcohol. Without that lubricant my insecurities didn’t allow my heart to really lead the way. And the one time I can remember dancing in a crowded room sober I was in my head, trying hard to look good. Dancing other peoples’ steps.

I have had several more dance parties in my kitchen. It is wonderful each time. I have begun to look at ecstatic dance as the exhale to meditation’s inhale. Our relationship to the Divine within (and without) is much like the breath. It is a flow, an exchange of energy and information. There are inhalations when we receive, exhalations when we flow it back out, and the sacred pauses in between. Those moments both empty and full in their stillness.

It makes sense to me that I have found the freedom to dance again at the same time my heart has wanted to give more to the collective. I have spent years meditating and finding lost parts of myself in those quiet inhalations. I have shared much of what I have found there to those close to me,  and wrote about some of it in this blog,. But until recently I hadn’t  let go of enough of my survival thinking to take any steps into a greater vision for my life.

I’m deeply grateful for Kyle Cease, and the inner work that has birthed workshops like The Limitation Game. (which, btw, you can get for only $20 at  He has been a bit part of me being able to step out of my old story. That and the love of a muse. Thank you Leen.

me and todd (1)

So in this Now I exhale more fully. I write more,  I am stepping into teaching  more….and I dance! The more of ourselves we flow out, the more space we make to receive. The inhalations bring more inspiration. I am amazed every day what meditation gifts me with. There is no limit to possibility when connect to who we really are.


P.S.  In case you’ve never heard it….