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I Wanna Know What Love Is

There is a universal prayer we all share. A song of the collective human soul.

I wanna know what Love is.

Here we all are, I believe by choice, playing the game of not remembering. Of limitation. Of a separate, individual self. From this place of forgetting arises both the soul’s cry for freedom, and a wanting for Love. To feel it, to give It. To rest in It’s embrace, expand in It’s wholeness, and rejoice in It’s creative flow. The soul simply desires a return home to it’s true nature.

Where we look for Love has everything to do with how the experience of Life feels. We can find it in one another, to be sure, to varying degrees of consistency and depth. Yet we can only give to another the measure of what we have found within, and for, our own Self. Affection, respect, appreciation: these are wonderfully easier feelings to give and receive, but they don’t embody the whole, complete, and unconditional nature of Love.

Personally and experientially, I don’t believe the answer to this prayer for Love is complicated. At all. From it’s penchant for all things difficult, the mind may make it so, offering us the awareness of the thousands of books written on the subject, and the external evidence in our world of our past inability to inhabit this state of being as a civilization.

The endless seeking for Love, freedom, and everything else we want, is only there because we feel the effort is necessary. We couldn’t possibly be worthy without it. We couldn’t possibly have it already, someplace within.

Interestingly, most of us don’t project these notions onto a newborn, do we? Unworthiness is learned, and then shared with all but those a judging mind considers innocent.

Drop below that mind, yours and that of the collective, and it’s all there: the Love, the freedom, the peace you seek.

Right under your nose. Literally.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Feel it fill your belly and rise into chest, surrounding your heart. Follow the out breath down into your belly.


Notice the pause between breaths. Rest in the stillness there.

Draw that stillness up around your heart with your in breath. Let go.

Stay here, with your breath. With this, the most elemental, ever present aspect of your Life.

None of what follows need be learned or memorized. Notice you can do all this while reading. With practice, you can do everything below while at the same time doing anything else. This is what Life in presence feels like.

Breathe. Feel the breath gently expanding your chest. Hold your awareness with your breath as you read.

Surrounding your raw and tender emotional human heart is the spiritual heart of awareness. It never closes, never shuts down. It is the heart of All That Is, of The Universe, God, Spirit, Source or whatever you wanna call it. It is the Heart of the Moment. Breath long enough, resting your attention to the area around your heart and you will begin to feel It. You will feel It holding, in a sense, whatever your own emotion may be.

Your mind will fight for it’s place at the center of your experince. Whenever it tries to draw you back up between your ears, simply follow the out breath to it’s end. Stop. Be stopped on the inside, as you allow the breath to gently flow in again.

This rest, this stillness and the inner silence you find down at the bottom of the outbreath is your ground of being. There is an invitation waiting there for you here. To surrender the limitations of the self you perceive yourself to be. To surrender it’s beliefs, it’s judgements, and even it’s joys. Something more infinite awaits here.

Whenever you are ready, allow your awareness to follow the breath once again back to the heart. Open up. Be seen, here and Now. Of course this spiritual Heart already sees it all. But it is in the offering of ourselves that Love heals us.

Ok, friends, let me offer something powerful to deepen this process. Sound is much more expanded carrier of energy than are words, especially English words.

If you have another 20 minutes, and some earbuds or a speaker handy, great. If not, come back when you do. Just as with anything else, you will not open fully to this experience if you need be conscious of time. Just come back if now cannot be the time.

I have a long song below, for you to listen to while doing what I offered above. Simply breathing. Resting in your breath. Following the eternal journey up an down, back and forth, from our ground of Being to our spiritual Heart. I say Our on purpose. It is not mine or yours. It is the same ground of Being and the same Heart, the same Love that runs through all things. It is the Love of All That Is.

And this is what you will find as the answer to the prayer, I wanna know what love is. 

It is right there, holding you Now.

I invite you to allow the powerful energy and intention of the Sanskrit language to lead you as you breathe. It will shift to English halfway through, but to keep those with a 40 plus year old mind from wondering what that familiar tune is, it is indeed I Wanna Know What Love Is, by Foreigner. Yes, there are layers of irony here.

Skip the ads and enjoy. Again, ear buds or a good speaker will add to the depth and resonance of this experience.  Keep breathing through the experience of the song. If afterwards you need more time to process what arises, there is another link for another powerful and healing song.

Breathe. Open up to right Now.

You are beloved on this Earth.















My Fear of Failure


Recently I’ve found myself wrestling, once again, with the same question: What am I supposed to do? 

I am seeing that this isn’t the core issue. It is my fear of failing in my soul’s purpose. When I sit with this, I realize getting beyond the idea of failure at all is perhaps the purpose itself…


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