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After Ayahuasca, Part 1

What I didn’t really touch on in this video is my understanding that plant medicine bypasses the duality of the mind. No matter how loving and healing something is I may hear or read from another, that information comes through the filter of my perceptions. Ayahuasca, it feels to me, is a plant here to help us with that very filter, without being received through it.

I also want to add to what I say here about the Love I felt from the shamans leading this ceremony. I felt a great deal from Jo, Henry, Mike and the others who were assisting and holding space for us newcomers to the plant. I thank you all, and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

If you don’t have the 15 minutes for this video, let me tell you this. I am different. What I feel alignment with is different. Particularly this life and the option of leaving it. There is a weight that is simply gone. A melancholy that has lifted.

I suspect soon my external life, and this body, will begin to reflect that internal shift.

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