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I’ve Had It All Backwards


I’m grateful to finally get it.

I’ve had it all backwards in regards to “higher consciousness”.

We understand the higher vibration of Love and see it in its pure state beyond the limitations and lower frequencies of form and call that The Divine. And we feel less than that. We seek it, reach for it, sometimes worship it.

So then why are we here, a individual space of awareness in a dense physical reality?

Expansion by integration.

There is no more highly evolved consciousness than the expanded One that knows itself as energy AND form, light AND shadow, love AND fear. Knowing and loving Itself as it is Now, it integrates form with the formless, fear with love, and thus expands that Now moment.

There is no greater potential for “Divine” Consciousness than right here on Earth, or any other physical realm.

Non-physical, what we would call God or Source Consciousness, is infinite potential waiting to be called upon. By you.

Our own bodies model this. Cell receptor sites signal gene expression. Perception calls forth potential. Not the other way around.

We are those receptor sites. We are informing and expanding the Universe. There is no heavenly command central. There is an infinite response Field. Potential responds to the Perception that is you.

There is no Creator separate from Creation. Creation is a self informing Consciousness, and the infinite individual awarenesses that include you and I are running the show.

There is nothing to more to aspire to than the moment you are.

Where that takes you is more than enough. For all of us.

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