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Retreat, Reframe, Renew!


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Are you happy? At peace? Clear on what you want moving forward? Looking for a bit more of those things? If you think  a dose of Nature, healthy food and perhaps some meditation and gentle yoga just might help, come spend a few days!


Happiness is an inside job. I know, I know…..just looking at the above photo makes me happy. You too? It is pretty wonderful.

Lasting happiness, though, comes from within. Our perception of the people and places around us, things we have or do, (or don’t have, and don’t do) the pain or limitation we may be experiencing, and most importantly, our perception of  (and connection to) who we really are is what controls the flow of joy through our hearts.

Retreating from the familiar surroundings and daily routines that constantly remind us of who we think we are is a great way to allow for growth and change. A retreat like the one I offer provides not only a fresh, new outer environment but a chance to get quiet and intimate with your inner one as well.


Devoting time to the inner environment of your precious heart (and the rest of your body) is life changing. If you already have a meditation or yoga practice you know this to be true. If you merely exercise regularly you know the same, to a degree. Your heart and the body it feeds hold a lot of emotion and wisdom.

cottage meditation room

Sharing a meditation and yoga practice would be here for you, as well as some coaching if you are new to it or just want some fresh guidance. Both of these practices connect us to the constant clearing nature of our breath. As the Bhairava Tantra says, when we embrace the Breath as something of infinite value, we know peace.

Perception is reality, and personally I have found forgiveness to be perhaps the most important tool in the reframing of one’s life. Forgiveness of others, of institutions, of God as I understood it then, and most importantly forgiving myself has set me free, time and again. As one who has dealt with physical pain for years, forgiving my body has at times been a daily practice.

I love to share the wisdom this has graced me with, and help others do the same. Sometimes all it takes  is simply listening without judgment and letting Love work it’s magic.


I love good food! Simple whole food that is nutrient dense and easy to digest renews the body and the mind. I eat a gluten free, soy free diet that is simple and minimally processed. I have references on it’s tastiness. 🙂  3 meals a day and a snack or two are part of your stay here.

rice & veggies

And of course there is the balancing and renewing power of Nature. Maybe for you that is simply a getting a whole lot of sun and fresh air on your own.  And some time in the water.

Perhaps it’s receiving some coaching on walking meditations or emotional clearing techniques one can employ when alone in Nature.

Maybe it’s just digging into one of the many great books that will be available. There is no retreat program. Anything I could plan in advance would be done so in of the energy of a Now moment we will no longer be experiencing when you are here. Renewal is spontaneous. It is a response to the moment we find ourselves in.


About Me

My name is Todd Buckman. At almost 50 years old, it’s taken me a while to get past the limiting beliefs and emotions I grew up with and carried into adulthood. The journey has been a full one, graced with both challenges and healing. I am grateful today for every moment of it.


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I’ve spent my life up until now in blue collar work, most of it outside of four walls. I have two sons and a daughter, all of whom are young adults now whose hearts and lives I am very proud of.

I’ve been a husband and a homeowner, a coach and a caretaker. I’ve lived in my van on the road and in my tent at an ashram. I’m a writer and a teacher at heart, and hope to share what I’ve been gifted with other hearts and minds.

My minimalist life these days is about my connection to the Divine all around me and within me. I am blessed to be in a relationship with a wonderful woman. A fellow yogi, a mother and a teacher, our Love offers more healing as we walk together in authenticity.

I love music and animals as well. Both move my heart in wonderful ways. While I currently have no pets, I always have music. Kirtan, epic movie scores and atists like Trevor Hall and Explosions in the Sky are always streaming in the space I call home.

If you are seeing this on Facebook, I feel my personal page and my Gratitude is Great page both reflect my heart and my energy. You can also read the older blog posts here and get a deeper feel for who I am and how I got here.

The Vision

If this kind of summer getaway for a few days (or longer) calls to you, it can happen for a lot less than your average all inclusive workshop or retreat. I’m thinking less than $200/night. A private room and meals. The forest, the sun, the stars. And as much shared practice and conversation as you would like.

I want to provide something more affordable and informal, both for those perhaps just dipping their toe into more spiritual waters, and for those seasoned seekers looking for something different. Something more organic. Something created from our unique time together. Time with a new (or old) friend, instead of a speaker on a stage.

513 Sholan Dawn

So, this is just that…a vision. I am reframing, as it were! And it renews my heart and soul to do so. I am taking hold of a future potential and pulling into my present. (And yours as well.)

I don’t have the retreat place yet. I am looking. But not too hard. Last week I thought a place had unexpectedly found me, but it was not a match. It was however, the inspiration I needed to shift my expectations for my life going forward. To invest my energy into a different future.

So, my friends, if you would be interested in what I am envisioning, contact me through FB or via email.  Please share this with anyone you think may be interested.

And if you know of a quiet property in a somewhat secluded setting, or someone who may, that is anywhere yet within an hour of a major airport, please also let me know. I trust this will unfold perfectly, most likely in a way I least expect.


The roar of Joy that set the worlds in motion is reverberating in your body, and in the space between all bodies. Beloved, listen.  ~ The Radiance Sutras