Real Right Now Podcasts

What is your “real right now”? What aspect of this multilayered life experience has the most of your attention, and therefore your energy?

Living is a relationship with Life, and so it’s a two way street. Whatever is most real right now is also something you are receiving from. What is affecting you most profoundly, either in ways you perceive as positive or ways you feel are negative?

To acknowledge our real is sometimes requires courage, and is always self empowering. Authenticity is the doorway to greater freedom. This doorway can be shared. Simply by feeling it in others.

My idea is to create a series of short podcasts. Conversations with people about their real right now. Whatever that is. A utterly judgement free listening to whatever Life is like, from as many different kinds of people as possible. Real that is joyful or sad, clear or confused, or a soupy mix of it all- it doesn’t matter. Authenticity in any flavor tastes like freedom.

Why? My own real right now could use the balance of more time focused on others. I know I will grow tremendously from turning outward and being an active space for others in greater measure, and hearing their wisdom.

I also know the power in time spent vocalizing one’s truth. Whatever that is. Authentic expression is the engine of humanity. It keeps us moving freely into the next Now moment, and can jumpstart others who may be stalled along their Way. It’s a win win win.

So I asked some people in my life to share their Real Right Now. We’ll see where this goes!