That’s me, and that’s what I’m workin’ on!

I’ve always been awake, it feels. I can remember being out under the stars at 11 or 12 years old and knowing I was more than this body, and even my thoughts. I was the watcher, the observer, before I could explain what that was to myself or anyone else.

Life happened, and I found my connection to it, to a large degree, through my body and physical exercise as a young man. I also found it through faith, and the connections I made with those who had a similar one, including with the woman I married. Wonderful children followed.

I suppose this blog, going back several years, reflects the expression of my evolving awareness as a conscious being. A sudden shift in faith based belief, a divorce, and increasing physical pain and limitations set me on a journey of self discovery that, like anyone else’s, brought me to the highest highs and the lowest lows. I’ve struggled with the desire to remain here in this painful body.

Pain is a great teacher. It arrests us to the present moment, and what is real in our hearts. Layers of fear are peeled back as we ask the deepest questions.

I’m grateful to be here. To be able to share my unique and authentic self with all of you.

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