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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Fred Rogers was a shining light in the neighborhood of the heart. A humble force, quietly and often anecdotally teaching self awareness, authenticity and complete acceptance of the wide range of emotions that are a part of this very human dance with Life.

In these days of awakened awareness, and stronger polarity between love and fear than ever before, it is no surprise that we have been reminded of what was offered to so many of us as children. What was offered but usually forgotten.

Yesterday I saw both the movie and the deeper truths that passed me by in childhood. Truths it took a long time to realize after the stresses of adolescence and adulthood had built a survivalist in the heart of a once free boy.

Fred Rogers got it. This is a Love game. Freedom and joy are beyond our judgements and beliefs about how we and others ought to think, feel, and act. Beyond what we judge within ourselves, most especially.

Tom Hanks does an unsurprisingly wonderful portrayal of the heart and mind that was Fred Rogers. It is soft and tender, as he was. One who lives fully what the heart knows usually is.

Mr. Rogers taught us to be honest about how we feel.
To accept sadness and anger, with judgement or denial.
He also offered practical tools on expressing those emotions without hurting anyone else.

In a time still heavy with black and white, right and wrong, he was a voice of acceptance and grace. He wasn’t perfect, and never claimed to be. He led with openness and a desire to be seen. From that place off power, from his real Now, he walked the talk, and was a beacon of loving presence.

It is no surprise to me that this movie landed as a very public example of the opposite is being played out in our nation’s capital. Our collective consciousness needs this reminder. Not to look to the White House in judgement or disdain, but as Fred Rogers would.

With love. With a vision for what that neighborhood can look and feel like.
A beautiful day there starts within all of us.