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All of Who We Are

who am I

“Who am I?”

This is a powerful question to ask, especially from that place of awareness separate from the mind. Whether seated in stillness or moving slowly on a yoga mat or through the forest, the breath can carry us more deeply into the present as that awareness. And from this place of inner awareness, this is perhaps the most transformational question we can ask.

I have my own perception of who I am. Every time I’ve asked that question from a place of awareness I’ve felt a visceral flow of energy that feels exciting and expansive. Of late the question itself has evolved into an intention to remember. A question implies an unknown. Who I am is not a mystery to who I really am.

“I choose to remember all of who I am.”

What would it feel like to summon all your courage and carry this intention into your heart center? To perhaps then carry it into the energy centers below the heart, into our fragile humanity? What could our magnificent hearts embrace there? How might we heal?

What might we connect to in the energy above our hearts? What wisdom, communication, or gifts might we find there with the power of our intention calling it forth?

What if a room full of people holding the same powerful intention did this together? What might we remember then?

WHB meditation group, bring that courageous heart on Tuesday. We’re going to find out.







….The Greater the Wholeness

What if we could welcome the pain, the trauma, the codependence, the addictive personality, the negative thought patterns and behaviors we see as we become self aware?

More shadow means greater healing. Not only for yourself. We are all connected.

The greater the depth of self love and acceptance the greater the wholeness when we get there.

Only 5 minutes. Trying to keep them more succinct.  😉