Daily Archives: April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

easter girls

Happy Easter to you!

I love these days of celebration. It feels good to be grateful. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day….one’s birthday! 🙂  I hope you still feel special on that day. And grateful to be who you are. Who you are is one-in-6 billion special!

And this one, Easter Sunday. Springtime, renewal, rebirth, chocolate bunnies….whatever makes this day special for you makes me smile.

Maybe it’s the happy children running around on an Easter egg hunt, and feeling their joy upon discovering whats inside.  Perhaps it’s the culmination of time spent with them painting those eggs, and making more happy memories.

family easter

Is this for you a day with a family gathering? A nice meal, conversation, hugs ~ connection with those you may not see all that often?Parents, grandparents…grandchildren. The love that unties generations. And in-laws.  🙂 So sweet.

Maybe today for you is just about Nature, and the renewal your connection to it offers. The dormant seeds awakening, and blossoms beginning their slow journey to full expression. If you have read almost any of the previous posts on this blog, you know I feel you there. May your enjoyment of the forest cathedral exceed your expectations today.

This day may hold deeper meaning for you for reasons of faith. While it makes me a little sad inside that perhaps you feel, as I once did, that today represents the only thing allowing you a relationship with the Divine, I am grateful for the measure of Love you feel through that connection.

Love indeed. I do see in the Resurrection story the boundless power of Love. Of remaining in Love no matter what is going on outside you, no matter what others seem to feel about you, or what they may even be doing to hurt you. Or even end your life.

jesus cross

Choosing to love even when you feel abandoned and unloved. Choosing to find love when there is doubt and pain, and faith is weak. When the inner support of beliefs is shaken or ripped away entirely, and you are facing the unknown, feeling anchorless and lost. To let go and find in your aloneness, in the stillness between breaths, the Love that always there for you.To find it, embody it and BE love in the face of challenges. This I see on the most epic of scales in the Christian Cross.

empty tomb

Love can surely resurrect hope, joy, and Life itself. Empty tomb indeed. The ever present flow of Love just beyond the fears that hold us captive can lead any of us right out of any limiting situation and into the sunshine of rebirth. No perfection needed. It’s Love, after all. 🙂

So Happy Easter to you, whatever this day means to you. May you feel today the joy of life, love and freedom,…and know that nothing is impossible.