A Free Heart~Part 2


Watch the video first….this will all make sense 🙂

Ha, ok, again with the letting go….so it appears I cannot upload audio files to this site with this current free plan. Nor can I upload a simple audio file to YouTube then copy it here, as I do with these videos. I haven’t decided if I am going to build a website with WordPress or with Wix yet, hence my hesitation to upgrade to a paying plan here.

The walking meditation audio files simply guided you to walk with an awareness of breath while shifting to an open gaze. You know, looking without looking at anything in particular. This will naturally shift your awareness inward, and it will feel like your retreated a couple inches from your eyes to the center of your head. You will feel the shift every time you engage mentally with something you are looking at, and when you come back to an open gaze and the breath.

I also encouraged you on the recording to look up. Physically…look up while in the that place of awareness and breath. Let the expanse of the sky expand you on the inside. You are so much more than you may realize. And you are Beloved upon this Earth. I trust you will feel this more deeply than ever if you practice this type of walking meditation.

When we connect to what lies beyond our five senses, to our inner awareness, we are connecting to whatever you wanna call the Consciousness that has created and connects all things. And it is aware of you. I hope with all my heart that you feel that, and more deeply as you meditate in this or any other way.

I will make videos instead of audio recordings, perhaps, and do it that way.

For now, may the present moment call you into never ending expanse of Love and possibility it holds.

Love and peace 🙂






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