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How wonderful it feels to drop anchor in the present moment. To use awareness of breath to slip below the often choppy surface of mind and into the stillness and silence of the deep.

To rest there, breathing the moment, and allow the senses to remind the heart of the beauty and balance Life always offers but the restless mind seldom sees- this, for me, shifts everything.

To do this, however, without complete self acceptance, is like diving in a submersible one doesn’t trust as entirely safe. Yes, the wonder of the underwater world will be there, but how much will I enjoy it?

Our survival minds are not wired for surrender. And it feels, for me at least, that utter self acceptance is the deepest form of it. This level of surrender often only comes when when we perceive our time left to be short. That’s what it took for me.

To truly be at peace with death requires being at peace with who I perceive myself to be, right now. And the more self aware I am, the harder this can be.

I’ve read the books. Studied many spiritual teachings. And my life looks nothing like what is often pointed to from these places. Self judgement, however subtle, can be easy.

It’s a classic spiritual paradox. To see myself through the eyes of love I must  love myself. The Buddhists call this a koan. An unsolvable problem- for the mind.

Thankfully, I am more than my mind. I am also the awareness that sees my mind, my sense of self, and can hold it tenderly, as a loving mother holds her child. The moment I move from mind to breath, and consciously offer myself to be held, I am. Both held and holding. Somehow, both mother and child, swaying gently between the two in the rhythm of breath.

This friends, is how I find the peace that passes understanding. Resting in breath, and offering myself, just as I am, to the moment. In such surrender I find love and  understanding, beauty and balance, and often, an irrepressible bit of laughter.

How Precious This All Is

I don’t plan these videos. There is no script. I thought of chopping the first 5 minutes off of this one. Then I realized a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

This video itself, and the shift in my energy while making it, is what I am talking about happening in real time. For me, this is the joy of Life. Of presence finding it’s way home. To faith, hope and love.

Below is a link to the music I was playing in the background…

Beyond Control

I recently saw the extent to which I’d been controlling both physical pain and the possible limitations that my body could offer me. I saw how every day I was protecting myself from the past.

Helped my a couple myofascial release sessions, I felt safe enough to let go of the protections that OTC pain meds offered. A week later it feels wonderful to be living in a different reality- physically, energetically and spiritually.

It’s not pain free. But it’s my reality, not dulled or masked.

And here I am, picking my nose.

Wiring Yourself Peaceful


Good morning, friends. I had a truly wonderful and peace-filled day so far, and just wanted to share something that was a big part of that.

Below is a You Tube video. Two Sanskirt mantras set to a soft guitar melody. To me it feels quietly hopeful in it’s gratitude. What a wonderful energy to get stuck in my head all day.

My suggestion is this. In choosing a more magical start to your day tomorrow, go to bed just a little earlier than usual. Maybe 30 minutes earlier. Then get up 30 min before you usually do. Turn this music on while your mind is still a bit foggy.

If at all possible, get outside. Look out the window if you can’t. Take at least 5 deep breaths. Couple of air squats. And walk slowly wherever your heart takes you, as you listen to this music.

Do yourself a favor and don’t google what the words mean. Just let it be. Let your heart rest in this new moment. It’s a new day. You are here. Keep breathing. If you find yourself humming the melody or softly singing along- let it flow.