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How Do You Feel?

A few thoughts from a creek side spot. On the difference I feel in perspective and priorities when I get deep into Nature, or other activities that have beauty and a sense of wonder.

How we move through this time in history is important. I know what I want to contribute.



I Don’t Know

I sat in the rising sun this morning, (a bit later than this, 😉 feeling it’s warmth my skin. The energy of an homemade orange/ginger/celery juice was lighting me up on the inside. And for the first few moments, my mind was content to just enjoy that.
To just be there. The morning breeze rustling the leaves. The wild rabbits hopping about, nibbling on weeds.  The ants beneath the chair moving intently on their silent missions. My deepening presence bringing It’s usual peace and quiet trust to my breath.
I noticed it didn’t take long for my mind to then reach for conclusions from yesterday. For the latest version of “I understand what’s going on”. I was reminded again of how desperate my mind is for that. That feeling of having things figured out.
A deep breath followed. I smiled inwardly at my mind.
No, friend, you don’t. You don’t know what is next. For Todd, for this country, for humankind. Let it go. Come, just breathe with me. The grace, the wonder of this moment is sweeter without the temporary comfort you seek. Can you feel this? This trust, this openness to the mystery of Life?
And the I that is my mind was reminded. I don’t know. And it is indeed sweeter that way. Held in the arms of something far more vast, filled with far more peace and potential than I can conjure up.
After awhile, the Arizona sun grew hot, and I came inside. I had second breakfast with old friend Alan Watts. My heart loves some Alan Watts. He puts my beliefs in the back seat. He is a voice of the unknown, of surrender. He is Zen- without the traditions.
I listened to the video below. And the end of it describes exactly where I was outside on the chair. Funny how that happens.
I went inside to go to the bathroom. My mind leaped at the opportunity. Something familiar! By the time I left headed back outside I was deep in a reminiscense of days gone by. Of a time of with more foundation. A more defined role. A lot more doing. And those accomplishments, that version of myself- oh how my mind loves to return there.
A warm pride and nostalgia fills me. I see it, I feel it. I enjoy the moment. There is nothing wrong with who we were, just as there isn’t with who we find ourselves to be Now.
I am grateful to know, however, that I can’t stay there. I can’t let the past keep me out of the present. I can’t trade the illusion of safety that memory offers for the magic of the unknown in my Now.
And so I go further into the moment.
To where, I just don’t know.

Letting It All In

woodchute lookout

Can you breathe deeply into this moment? Can you let all of you in?

It’s a powerful thing, every time I am all in.

This is an eyes wide open meditation. Outside if possible, alone in Nature or on the streets of your city. Take a 15 minute walk with me….and every expression of you.

Self Acceptance, on a Global Scale

starry night and lake

What would happen if people all over the world let go of the need to fix, heal or improve any and all aspects of themselves?

A couple millennia of cultural conditioning has many of you envisioning disaster. But notice I used the word need, and not desire. While desire has many mothers, need has only one. Fear.

How often to we feel we need to be something other than what we are?

Do we look at infants this way? The elderly? They are off the judgement hook. How does it feel to view them this way? Warm? Light? Happy? How does it feel to think someone else needs to change? Just as warm, happy and light?

What if all your resistance to who YOU are right now was dropped? Truly let go of. How would you feel? Breathe into this idea for a moment.

Your willingness to do this will determine how peacefully you will one day leave this life. How conditional, then, is the peace in your life now?

There is nothing wrong with the satisfaction gained from hard work. From growth and change. And fear and judgement are indeed motivators. But if there is no lasting inner peace, what sort of love are we sharing? We can’t give what we don’t know within ourselves.

Observe Nature. Judgement does not exist there, yet we see growth and change occurring all the time. It is part of the natural flow and evolution of all things. Change will happen without us needing it to. It does not require our control. Without resistance to our Now, it will often happen much faster. And it’s always more gracefully.

But most people who haven’t faced death don’t know this to be true because most haven’t actually accepted ourselves completely for more than a few moments, if at all. Or we’ve accepted only the present version of ourselves, as just that. And only that. More conditional acceptance.

Why do it together? How does a holiday like Christmas feels? Or any national day of celebration? Or anger, for that matter? If your heart is open you can feel the collective energy. You can either fight against feeling jolly during Christmas season or go with the flow of it. The power of mass consciousness affects us all.

So what would a global day of self acceptance on a large scale feel like? A day of unconditional self love?

Let’s find out. Sunday Feb 9th.

We have a few weeks to practice, and share this idea.

Our thinking minds may resist this idea. It sort of puts it out of a job.

Much of our rational mind is tasked with offering solutions, moment to moment, on how we can survive, and beyond that, feel good. It offers these from its record of past experience along with all the information you’ve ever read, listened to or been told. Especially as a child. And if your mind shouted NO to the first sentence of this post, that’s ok. Like almost all minds, yours has been conditioned with some degree of judgement and away from unconditional love. It’s constantly bringing its labels and beliefs to bear on the present. All of that falls away in the pure present moment when we get there.

And we can get there several ways. Flowing freely in the expression of art, dance or song are powerful ways. The age old practice of focusing all of our attention on the breath is another. Much like the breath, gentle and expansive music without lyrics can take us there if we can put all of our attention on it.

Now, the mind is clever. It will allow for self acceptance for a moment if it sees it as a solution. A fix. If you approach it this way it’s not actually self acceptance, is it?

What I’m speaking of is an complete acceptance of yourself, as you are right now, forever. Yes, forever.


And not because you have to. You don’t. Or need to. You don’t. That’s the whole point. Consider doing it simply for the joy of it. For a taste of true inner peace.

The resistance you may feel right now will hopefully add to the importance of actually doing this. Much of the world today reflects the absence of such unconditional love. We have it for puppies, babies and the dying, but not ourselves most of the time.

It is our resistance with what is both inside and outside of ourselves that keeps our defenses up. When we experience true wholeness there is nothing to protect. We are free to live from love and not from fear.

If this idea appeals to you, please share it. In your own words or mine. Let’s see how many hearts want to shift the collective consciousness a bit closer to peace. 

Global Self Acceptance Day~ Sunday February 9th

Below are a few tips on this simple practice.  If yoga, dance, art or other artistic flow is your way of quieting the mind and finding presence, simply use these tips once you are in your process. Or just sit or walk in Nature, or look out a window. Do this somewhere you feel safe. Move slowly through these steps. There is an audio guide below if you would like to use it. 

*Take a few deeps breaths. Follow your out breath down into the belly and notice the pause between breaths as you let your breathing relax.

*Rest in this pause, and let your whole gentle breath become a rest. Keep your eyes open.

*Relax your brow and jaw. Your shoulders.

*Keep your awareness on your breath, and feel the safety it holds.

*Let all your efforts drop away. Come to a complete stop inside.

*Notice how this moment feels as the breath flows up and around your heart, and back down to it’s pause.

*Allow the breath to flow into and embrace whatever this moment feels like.

*Keep breathing with an open heart.

*Feel into how the breath feels…about you. Open yourself to this.

*Let yourself agree. Whisper it out loud.

*Keep breathing, and choosing to accept yourself more deeply until it feels complete.

*Let your smiling heart shine.





Forgiveness: Doorway to Love

colleen lookout

We don’t find enough love to forgive. It’s the other way around.

Love is an energy of a much higher vibration than is judgement. Or anger, resentment or fear.  “Love is patient, kind, and keeps no record of wrongs“, not by choice, but by nature. Hatred and love cannot occupy the same space at the same time any more than can darkness and light. 

To embody love, for oneself and others, we must forgive. We must let go of all judgement.

I started writing a post a few days ago about self acceptance on a global scale. I wanted to offer the idea of a day, like Valentines Day, where instead of romantic love we celebrated self love.  A day when as many hearts as possible made the decision to let go of the need to change any and all aspects of who they are in the moment.

The need to change; which is different from the desire to. Need is always born of fear. In this case a fear of not being enough. Change happens gracefully without it.

I want all people to feel the peace of life without self judgement; the wholeness of knowing themselves as enough, just as they are in the moment. Even if that moment were to last forever. So this post I wrote had a few more thoughts around that, and some direction as to how to get there emotionally and energetically.

This morning while out on a short walk I realized it wasn’t as simple as I first thought. I became aware of a very important aspect of my journey to a place of deep inner peace and self acceptance. A critical one.

I’ve forgiven.

There is no getting around this. Love is on the other side of forgiveness, not the other way around. Love carries no judgement, so there is never anything to forgive from within its view.

Forgiveness is essential, then, both to love and self acceptance. Because deep down we know we can. For some this is very deep down. Even the possibility of it may feel out of reach. It may be a long way from where we are at right now. And that’s ok.

easter girls

But when we breathe deeply and get present, and when we see beauty in the world, we are reminded of love, and that we can indeed always choose it. We can choose to let go of anger, resentment and judgment. To return home to wholeness we must let go of what holds us apart from it.

We must forgive.

Other souls. Groups. Institutions. Corporate entities. Ideologies even.
We must often forgive Life- or our idea of God, The Universe, Source, or whatever name we give that which we believe to be dealing the cards. We must forgive ourselves.

Deep down we know we can.

A day of global self acceptance would be powerful indeed. Our self judgement is where all of our judgement about others begins. It is the foundation of our defenses. When we experience the true wholeness of utter self acceptance, there is nothing to protect. Nothing to fear or fight for. Peace on Earth is possible. Truly being enough for yourself changes everything.

You are.