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Conversation with a Christian

eyes into the soul

I recently shared a video on Facebook in which a prominent astrophysicist speaks eloquently about how we are made of the same elements as the stars. Not only are we in the Universe, but the Universe is in us. This sparked the following conversation about the nature of God with a Christian friend.

My friend: “Nice. Completely compatible with faith in God.”

“Everything is compatible with faith in God, (my friend).  Glad it so happens to fit with your perception of God. Not everyone allows a 1800 yr old book, put together by men, 300 years after Jesus, that portrays a God no less egotistical any of us and far more judging than most of us, to dictate their perceptions. I understand that perspective but see God as so much more than that now, my friend.”

“Todd, somewhere along the line buddy, your concept of God got really screwed up. That is not at all the way I see God or the scriptures. God is my friend. Jesus is my friend. He died for my sins, my failures, my selfishness. He died so that I could have life. Is that not a friend? Who died for you? I know the answer bro. I wish you remembered.”

“What exactly do you want me to remember? I have a deeper connection to the Love that is God than I ever did within the construct of Christianity. Because you only allow your mind to consider God through the lens of the Bible, you mistake my opinion of God for my opinion of Christianity.

I do not see God as egotistical or judgmental at all….that is exactly my point. I see the notion of God as depicted in the Bible as that, for sure, and that is all I was saying. I see all you are asking me to see in the Bible, I really do. There is love there, and friendship, and grace. But to just look at that and ignore the very foundation is impossible for me.

The first commandment is to love God with all your heart. “Love me.” “Obey me.” “Fear me.” Are these not all statements of the ego? How does that reconcile with the description of Love as defined, ironically, in 1 Cor. 13? And what if, just for a moment, you allowed yourself to entertain the idea that no one needed to die for you, as Love “keeps no record of wrongs“?

I think you would agree the crux of Christianity is the Cross, no? The need to be reconciled to God, to Love, because of your unworthiness. Why??? How does being a higher consciousness, a more pure Love, necessitate separation due to “sin”?

You answer would be God is holy, and can’t abide anything but righteousness, would it not? It was mine back in the day. And I believed it. How is that possible?

How can a God that is more loving than you or I create a dynamic you could not possibly ever create with either of your children? What could (your daughters) ever do to cause you to tell them they no longer were worthy of a relationship with you, and they were gonna need outside help to get back in? Nothing. So how is it you are capable of a greater level of love than the God of the Bible?”

you are good enough

“To believe this means to somehow believe the notion that ‘Holiness” or perfection dictates judgement. It’s like we believe God doesn’t want to judge you, but he has to…because he is holy and righteous. What??? Is he bound by rules he didn’t make? Of course not.

The greatest and highest state of being is Love, as the Bible states, again, in 1 Cor 13. How is it possible that a Consciousness that embodies that, is that, can be made to be angry, and wrathful? There are over 2 million deaths recorded in the Bible, (mostly OT) attributed to either the hand of God or ordered by him and carried out by his servants/kings/whatever.

How can God be a loving God and a jealous God and still be without fear?  How can God/Love have any fear? This is impossible.

You are a smart man, (my friend), and you would see this clearly if your mind was able to entertain the idea that perhaps the Bible isn’t all Divinely inspired, and man messed with it.

Sigh…..so, my friend, if it makes you feel any better, know that I DO NOT see God not as angry old man in the sky, or any of what I inferred the Bible depicts him to be some of the time. What saddens you is that is that I have left a faith you see as necessary to my salvation. That is, if you still take the Bible literally.

Know that I am happier and more whole than I have ever been, free of the notion that my soul or yours needs saving, and both empowered and awestruck by the knowing that the Love that flows through my heart is in fact God, the Conscious Energy that is in all Life. Do yourself a favor and open your mind to the possibility that the Bible hasn’t cornered the market on God, and reread these thoughts. In any case, my friend, I appreciate the joy and humor you bring to the table…you always have. Love ya.”               ***

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

You are in the Universe, and the Universe is in you.