1 thought on “How Do I Feel?

  1. Linda Malis

    Todd …. I’m crying! But for the 1st time since I can remember it’s not fear based. I’m crying tears if relief. Tears of love. I can’t believe how much this story us me. Oh that thoracic pain that makes me sick. Both physically and emotionally. When I have it I feel so sick. Then the fear comes. How am I going to be there for family, friends, work. I becomes overwhelming. I have medicated to survive. By I’m slowly tapering off, and my authentic self is returning. Which brings with it a whole new set of emotions. But that’s ok. I want this. I’m ready to expose myself. And it does come in cycles. Today I stared into the eyes of a dog I’m pet sitting. Tears came because I felt such a strong connection. A connection of love. And I just let it happen. I am so grateful to you for sharing this. And the timing couldnt be more perfect.



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