Thank You

Thank you, Life, for feeling this way.

Thank you, my heart, for opening to it.


Thank you, to those that shot this. And thank, Mother Earth, for having me here.

(This is two hours of wondrous sight and sound. It loops after about 20 min. Even 5 min of this….may it take you Home)


1 thought on “Thank You

  1. Gracie Buckman

    Hey Bro! 😉 I can’t tell you how many of these (similar) videos I saved and watched / fell asleep to / meditated to, ETC, when I had this work computer at my house. It was lovely. I love these!! And then there’s Sara Raymond with The Mindful Movement, who has some of the best falling asleep meditations. Anyway! This one isn’t my favorite one, because there’s a human in it. I like the ones that have just nature, with no signs of human life at all. But the music is good. I miss having the computer at home, mostly because of these meditative videos!! Thanks!!



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