1 thought on “Freedom Without Control

  1. gracie buckman

    Wow Brother. Hmm…. Yeah I was definitely with you on the … what did you call it? …. “double-freedom rockets” ?? 😂 Awesome.

    I just….Todd I know this will be fear based, but…. well you know I don’t really care about being spiritually correct, anyway. SO… What if the vaccine isn’t just about your ability to fly, enter public places, etc….what if it also made us forget who we truly are?

    Or… maybe that concerns me because …. I already feel like I’m not being who i truly am. Perhaps i already feel like I’m sacrificing my heart’s desires for security.

    But I still think that is different, because i still am able to *decide* to follow my heart, when I let go of fear. Because i still can connect to myself. I guess you would say, it’s still under my *control*. Still my choice, whether to follow my heart or not.

    But what if I don’t even know what my heart is at all, after a vaccine (/microchip)? What if we can’t connect to source, or we forget it even exists?

    So like, what if people literally became robots, zombies of a sort? That’s what I’m worried about. I mean in that case it wouldn’t even be worth it to be alive, in my opinion. We would be empty meat suits.

    Would you still get the vaccine if you saw that happening to people? (Do i just have an overactive imagination???)

    I guess I better be alive as much as I can before then, then…..

    Lots of changes this last week. I will probably write a family email.

    Love you brother!! I don’t always see all of your posts and videos, but I guess I see the ones I need to see. ❤

    On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 8:44 AM Beloved On Earth wrote:

    > tbuckman1 posted: “7minutes. I never thought I’d be here, but I am so glad > I am. https://youtu.be/SpFnzX2JoFI” >



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