Daily Archives: November 29, 2019

A Deeper Pause

If you have enjoyed finding the rest, the peace, and the vast stillness that is there at the bottom of each exhalation, perhaps you might like to find out what happens when you extend that pause to a full minute.

Or two. Or three.

It’s not that hard. With guided breathwork similar to the link below, you can easily and gently saturate your body with oxygen, and then exhale fully and just let go into deep presence within your body.

I’m a big fan of Wim Hof. This link is to the simplest and easiest of his breathwork sessions. Each round is only 30 breaths, and the holds are 60, 90 and 90 seconds. When I say holds, I don’t mean holding your breath like we normally think about it~ a chest full of air. That is much harder for a few reasons I won’t get into.

These are simply exhalations, after 30 full breaths, after which you simply don’t inhale. You will be amazed, if you follow the guidance, how easy it is to not breathe for a minute. Were you to do longer rounds of these types of breaths, with just a little practice you could stop breathing for 3 minutes or longer. I’ve done it. All sorts of interesting energetic and mental things happen at times when you practice this.

So, why? Why bother doing this? Well, beyond the deep peace you will feel if you let go into it, saturating the body with oxygen alkalizes it. It ups the pH balance. And all inflammation, autoimmune responses, and cancer cells- they thrive in an acidic body.

Anyway… give it a go before bed, or first thing in the morning. When it’s been a while since you ate. You just might get hooked! 🙂


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