Daily Archives: August 5, 2019

Dear Shooter

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Hello shooter.
Can I come closer?

I feel your anger, your deep despair.
Look in my eyes.
Can I come closer?

My heart is full of love,
Can I share it with you?
Can I come closer?

I’m right here, now, with you.
I’m ten feet away,
Not running from this moment.
Can I come closer?

I know the rage feels better than the fear,
The numbness a relief from the weight of judgement.
It’s ok that you’re here.
Can I come closer?

I see the gun pointed at me,
I feel the possibilities of the moment.
But I have chosen love.
Can I come closer?

Before you do this, can I hold you for a moment?
Can I share my Love with you?
Before you take my breath, can I share my heart?

What do I want? you keep asking.
Simply to remind you, dear soul,
That what you want is not lost.
Perhaps we can find it together.

Can I come closer?
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