Daily Archives: April 29, 2019

Doing Nothing, Doing Everything

When the possibility of boredom no longer exists, one has found the ground of their being. 

As I walked this morning under the stars and into the awakening of first light, I became aware of the value of the time I’ve spent doing nothing in the last 15 years. They have without question been the most important hours of my life.

When I say doing nothing, I mean just that. Even to sit with the intention to quiet the mind is doing something. To be in Nature for the purpose of a hike is different, as John Muir said, than just sauntering along. With no intention but to be the moment.

Last night I was talking with someone I love. Her aversion to having a few hours after dinner and before bed with nothing to do stood out from the conversation. In her comment regarding it I could feel her fear. I felt sad at her missing out on what connects me to something greater.

She is not alone. The idea of being alone with oneself  without something to distract us from how we feel has made many in the television and movie industry very wealth indeed. It has sold many a book.

Why, Beloved, do you run from the stillness?
Why are you afraid to simply BE with your beautiful self, and Life as it is, in this Eternal Now moment?
There is nothing to fear here.
You are enough. Far more than enough. 

The conditioned mind says otherwise.
You have trained it to offer you endless distractions from your wounds.
To guide you to happy places.
This mind is a faithful servant.
Has it’s fear become a master?

One day there will be nothing left to do.
There will be no point in more thoughts explaining Life to yourself.
Beloved, you will find unending peace and freedom in this rest.

This waits for you Now.

It flows with every conscious breath.
It is the relief in accepting what is.
It is the divine embrace of self love.
It is the power and grace of authentic expression.

It is safe to be you. To feel yourself fully.
Deep down you know this.
Your pain is the space between here and there.
Deep down is an exhale away.

Stop. Let go. It’ll be alright.

The Universe as Love, as You, is waiting.

The irony of our not wanting to stop and be still is that the feeling we seek in all the speaking, doing and listening to others is right there in the spaces in between. Sure, it can be challenging at times. Stillness and silence do indeed offer a space for all we have not yet loved within ourselves and our experience to come up to be seen, felt and loved. But when we just let it be, without resistance and it’s explanations, bring it into the infinite healing power of Now.

You are the moment. As I wrote in the last post, it’s beyond amazing to really become aware of yourself as both the experience of Life and the space to witness it. Your body is mostly the empty space that is the space between all matter. It is the Unified Field, The One Consciousness, Source, Spirit or whatever name you want to give it.

When you get beneath your mind you can feel this. We all do, for moments here and there. And it’s wonderful. And unfamiliar to most of our personalities. So we retreat.

I couldn’t possibly be wired into that. It couldn’t all be perfect. I can’t be that powerful.

You are. I am. We are.

In first doing nothing, we will do everything as the Love we truly are.

boca chica sunset