Rewriting the Program

me & Arthur

I am so grateful to know the freedom beyond a deep fear of snakes. It was a visceral, primal fear. I could not even get close to them. The sight of them filled me with terror and aversion.

When I saw a man bringing his rescues (snakes people would likely have killed had he not relocated them off their property) to a public spot just outside HeartLight here in Uptown Sedona, I knew Life was offering me the opportunity to leap into my fear and in doing so find a greater expression of freedom.

I started with quiet docile ones like little Bruno in the video below, and then moved to more active corn snakes and gopher snakes. A small boa, and perhaps my favorite, a larger Yuma king snake named Arthur. He is the one in the picture.


It’s amazing how love fills the space fear leaves behind. Now I feel almost like I do with puppies or kittens. I feel affection and the desire to hold them with love.

As I mention in the video, I am finding that when I practice denying the subconscious response to one thing I fear, I can do the same more easily with other fears. When we do this we overcome hardwired parts of ourselves. We rewrite the program.

As soon as you are in a discussion with yourself about walking through fear, you’re in it. Now it’s the conscious mind arm wrestling with the subconscious. Only 5% of our mind is conscious. It will tire first in that match. If you don’t leap off that high dive right away, you may not at all, right?

You just gotta leap. No discussion. We all know the freedom that awaits us when we do.


#nolongerafraid  #freedombeyondfear  #anythingcanchange

2 thoughts on “Rewriting the Program

  1. Joan Hull

    PETA, CDC and epidemiologists all say handling snakes is cruelty to animals. They do not lie being handled and suffer great stress as they have no escape, they can’t run away and do not exhibit the stress they feel. Quit using wild animals for your enjoyment and self indulgence. The Sedona snake man DOES NOT contribute to the humane society in the Verde Valley and he also stresses tourists who do not appreciate having a snake pushed on them. They can contract salmonella and the hand sanitizer is not enough. According to the CDC hands must be washed thoroughly in hot water with lots of soap. Salmonella can be transmitted from human to human if same utensils or drinking glasses are shared. Children are extremely vulnerable and if systems are not treated immediately they can die and CDC has had one fatal. They say 70,000 Americans a year contract Salmonella from snakes. Joan Hull Sedona , Az



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