The Answer is Simple

hard times

“How do you inspire or offer hope when you don’t feel inspired or hopeful yourself?

This was the question posed by a friend on FB the other day. This person is a living answer to his own question. A question that reveals a heart connected to Love’s desire to share what it has.

When he isn’t posting inspiring quotes and pictures, he tosses out a request for friends: tell me something good. He is very open about his struggles with depression, and has authored a book about his path back to happiness.

In doing this, in being authentic in his desire for encouragement, he offers others the opportunity to tap into their gratitude and share it. This raises their energy, even if just a little. Some answers are somewhat humorous or sarcastic. Others are deeper, coming from the place of authenticity the request itself has opened up.

All gratitude holds a higher vibration than both inspiration or hope. Gratitude reflects a greater measure of wholeness, as the energy of what we already have, instead of what we perceive we lack and thus hope for.

I write this because it is easy to read a quote like ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and get caught on a spiritual hamster wheel. Old programming filled with judgements around the “right” way to be can suppress our inner authenticity in challenging moments of Life experience. It is our freedom to be real when we are suffering that awakens the healer in everyone around us. Our pain gifts them compassion.

Life is so much simpler than I ever thought. As one still letting go of an identity grounded in self evaluation of my spiritual path, it is finally becoming safe to simply show up as me. To know myself as enough in any given moment.

you are good enough

I was asked a couple days ago what I thought my purpose in life was. There are so many answers I’ve had in the past. They have all carried a certain degree of heaviness. My answer at last felt simple, light and whole. To embody Love.

What does this mean? For starters we can’t give what we don’t have. It all begins with loving who we are. All of it who we are expressing, as a space of experience, responding to a beautiful but dense and challenging physical reality.

A space of experience. Stop and think about this for moment. You are both the experience of Life and the awareness of it. Can you accept the divinity of that?

To know oneself as the awareness within is one thing. To know this while unconditionally loving your unique and precious humanity is to truly be free. To embody Love is to accept the purpose and expression of your being human as well as the spark of self aware consciousness you are.

Days like today, Easter Sunday, acts in Sri Lanka born of judgement and it’s intolerance bring into question this notion. So does the Christian story this day celebrates. This idea that we can love all of our nature and just show up in complete authenticity. Violence and suffering bring up our oldest program: to be human is not enough.

It is important to remember where self love takes us, and where it doesn’t. Love sets us free. Free of the need for anything outside of us to be any particular way. When we hurt each other, we are not acting from a place of Love but a place of fear. A world of authenticity birthed by unconditional self love would not be violent and chaotic. Those conditions arise from fear.

The world today is more polarized than ever before. This outer conflict with Nature and each other is simply a mirror of our inner conflict with our nature. The only way to peace and harmony is so simple it has been overlooked.

Love yourself, and in doing so, embody Love.


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