Sound. Serenity. Sedona.


Last night it took a few minutes to fall asleep. Normally I’m the guy who takes two deep breaths, a full exhale, and I’m gone. But last night I felt the excitement of a being awake in a dream.

If you have followed this blog for awhile you know that for years I’ve had the desire to be able to offer other hearts a place to come and experience some of what has given me so much peace. A place to retreat from their lives and the known, and spend time in the serenity of Nature. To use what I have learned to guide others more deeply into the present moment and the Mystery that is their own awareness.

Unsurprisingly, this desire has unfolded in an unexpected way. The mind is limited in what it can conceive of. Our responsive Universe is not.

living room 2

The Airbnb listing below is for the guest room of the beautiful house I am living in here in Sedona. It is a unique location. Magnificent views are backdrop for the fruit trees in a private fenced backyard. Flowering plants, crystals, birds singing and nesting here; it all adds to the energy of the place.

There are also wonderful tools for creating deeply healing sound here, as pictured above. Having a session with me using these would be available to you. As would time out on the land, experiencing yourself there more deeply with guided breathwork and meditation. A hiker’s paradise, Sedona holds a unique and expansive energy one feels by simply walking the land and taking in the views.

So if a visit here calls to you, I would love to help you make the most of it. Check out the link below for more details and pictures. It’s almost always sunny in Sedona!

(Ok, the link below didn’t work when I first posted this. I think it’s good to go now. )

Click here for the listing

#visitsedona #sedonaretreat



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