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Stars and More Stars

starry night and lake

Epic. Deep breath and a wow, huh?

We all know how wonderful it feels to be this guy. Or we can at least catch a little of the feeling from a picture like this.

So why don’t we end our days like this more often? What would life be like if we did?

Even if it’s cloudy, or there’s too much light pollution to see a whole lot of stars, ending our day with some time outside, alone with our breath, is a game changer. So is getting up before dawn to experience Life in this way.

What might it feel like, if for 3 consecutive days, you began and ended your day with 20 minutes outside under the stars? With only the peace and stillness of Nature and breath bookending your hours asleep.

Your phone is in airplane mode for the night. It’s just you, your breath and the fresh night air. If you live in the city, and there is too much light to see the stars, perhaps there is a park close by, or somewhere a radio free 5 min drive in the car gets you where it feels more like nighttime.

Just be there. No need to try any special meditation. Just be there, breathing in the fresh air. Walk slowly, eyes open, with nowhere to go but where you are. In every way, just be where you are. Physically and emotionally. Acknowledge how you feel and let yourself become still with it on the inside. Look up. Allow the expanse of what is above you deepen your presence. Listen. Not to the thoughts of your mind but to the Life coming and going from your lungs. Feel it embracing your heart.

Try to resist the urge to reach for a feeling, or an experience. Instead, let it find you. Grace, Love, Magic, Healing, Possibility….these things walk in through the open door of our authenticity. This isn’t a door we open. It’s a door we stop holding closed. You don’t have to reach for what the stars seem to hold. It’s in every breath you take. It’s in every cell of your body.

Let this time be the last thing you do, the last connection you make. Then go to bed. No checking the phone or computer. No TV. Then get up before dawn, without checking your phone, and do the same thing. Just 20 minutes. Get outside. Start your day the same way you ended it. If you get in bed by 9 getting up before 5 isn’t that hard. And getting in bed by 9 isn’t that hard when you’ve been up since 4:30.

If the first day feels like nothing more than 60 seconds of wonderful followed by 19 minutes of your mind reminding you of the rest of your life, not to worry. Just keep coming home to your breath. Keep looking up. Our stories feel a lot different with a bigger backdrop.

As much as you can, let go of any expectations or explanations around doing this. It is so easy to get in our own way. If this is new to you, your mind will resist. It will offer reasons this isn’t a good idea, as well as romantic notions of enlightenment as to why it is. Both are illusions.

It’s ok, thankfully you have a built in tranquilizer for the brain. Your own conscious breath. Just breathe. Just be with your self, and your Self as seen and felt all around you. Above and below you. Get your bare feet on the Earth if you can. Be aware of all 6 of your senses.

3 days. Less than an hour a day just before and after you sleep. How does that idea feel?

I have to warn you. If you do in fact do this, you might find there is no going back. It may have an effect on your life you can’t imagine living without. Perhaps not. Regardless, there is always the excitement of adventure in the doing of something new.

May that joy be yours, in any way that calls to you.

starry night sky

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