Hold Each Other

friends embracing

There are countless teachings on why we suffer as human beings, and how to end it.

Those that found an end to it have always spoken of an oneness within themselves. With the moment, with Nature, with others. They find themselves held by an unconditional peace that sets them free.

What happens to a suffering child when it is held long enough by it’s mother? When it is safe to cry in anger or fear? Unconditional love frees the moment to be what is real, and all that no longer serves is washed away in the flow of Life unlimited.

What happens we see and feel the suffering of another? Is there not the love of a mother in all of us? Does not the pain of another quicken the healer within every open heart?

What if the answers we seek are profoundly simpler than our minds want to make them.

What if we just held each other?

Some would say we must first go away and learn to hold ourselves. That we must find something mystical, alone on a mountain top or in the desert of our own pain, before we can truly hold another in this kind of way. This has indeed been a thread woven in the stories of most all our mystical figures. And in many of our lives. Including mine.

But these are but stories. Truth only if we make them so.

What if we just found the courage to hold one another? Sharing with one another the greater courage required to be held ourselves, hearts naked in our authenticity. Is this not what the desert and the mountaintop teach the mystic?

When was the last time you truly let go in the arms of another? Or held someone long enough to allow them the same?

Indeed, this takes courage. We know instinctively that whatever wounds we have not fully healed may reopen and overrun our defenses. We will suddenly be fully known as not having our shit together. As flawed. As weak.

Does a mother think of her young child that way? Do you, when you are in your heart and another’s is broken? Love flows only empathy and compassion. Judgment does not exist anywhere in Nature outside the human mind.

What if all the world needs, collectively and individually, starts with a long, long hug? One that relaxes past the uncomfortability of the conditioned mind and lets go into utter presence with another sentient being. Into the love that frees us to be who we really are in the moment. Would we still be suffering in such freedom?

We have built most of our societal systems from a places of separation, competition and fear. Would we not build new, cooperative and peaceful ones from a place of love and freedom?

What if we just held each other?

#holdeachother  #imheretoholdyou

hugs for all




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