The Courage to Grow Alone~ Real Right Now w/ Colleen Cuomo


My partner Colleen Cuomo is a wonder.

Her mothering love extends beyond her 3 grown children to everyone she connects with. I have been profoundly changed to be loved so unconditionally by her. I know her friends and students would say the same.

She is a 500 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher and a certified Thai Massage therapist. As a co-owner of Breathing Lotus Living Arts, she conducts Yoga Teacher trainings, teaches classes, and with together with her partners conducts workshops and retreats teaching yoga, meditation and Qi Gong. She also enjoys her work at the stable her horse Bentley calls home.

Colleen lives in Plymouth Massachusetts and can be found at


The Courage to Grow Alone

This present moment finds Colleen seeing both personal and professional growth. She is living, more and more, the life she wants to create. She is also bravely embracing the opportunity to grow in ways that only find us when we are alone. I am moving west for awhile, back to Sedona AZ, after sharing a space by the sea with her for the past 7 months.

Certainly part of what is real for Colleen right now is change. The real Love she has found in her quiet center is allowing her to let go of something long awaited, and now familiar and comfortable. Love’s courage is helping her see the opportunity in having some physical distance between us for awhile. (The why’s of all that I cover in my solo podcast, the first one in this series.)

I’m so very proud of her. And deeply grateful for the courage I know it has taken to sail with me through some rough seas.

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