Here Now, in A Busy Life~ Real Right Now w/ Dausha Campbell

Dausha pic


Dausha Campbell is an extraordinary woman. As the owner of Serendipity Stables of Chiltonville, home to more than 30 horses, she pours her heart into the care and teaching of all who set foot or hoof onto the property and into her life.

A lifelong horse woman with a Riding Masters Degree, Dausha is a certified and licensed instructor who has taught riding and held clinics and camps for over 40 years.

She has two grown daughters and lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts with her husband Paul.


Here Now, In a Busy Life

I worked for Dausha at Serendipity for a couple months this winter. It is hard, wonderful work if you love horses and all the weather New England can bring. There is so much to do, and to manage when running an operation of this size. Horses, their owners, students, vendors, inventory, equipment, maintenance, the farrier…and of course the team of part timers that now handle the bulk of the daily feedings and cleaning.

It has only been the last few years that it wasn’t Dausha herself doing almost all the work on the farm. She is incredibly fit for her age. I suppose living your passion does a body good.

I sat with Dausha in early March. A very wet and yet cold winter has brought more than it’s share of challenges in muddy paddocks, frozen water pipes, and electrical issues. The oldest horse on the farm, Patrick, had to be put down recently. None of these are new experiences for Daush, and the wisdom of emotional experience is heard in what she shares here.

Being present to the task at hand, and finding the joy of that alignment. It was good for me to hear.

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