I Love Myself?

When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

I don’t mean something you finished, achieved or won. Those kind of celebrations are great. They are. Especially if the joy is centered around oneself instead of the goal itself. But if you’re like me, it has always taken having done something to celebrate.

Think about that. If to feel proud of myself, to feel joy about myself, I had to have done something, is not then any love I feel for myself fleeting? Is it really self love at all?

The thought of celebration of simply being me is really hard to feel, this is a gift. It tells me an awful lot about myself, and the light I am shining into the world. Love is that light, and if I don’t love myself I’m not actually tapping into the vibration of Love. I’m actually feeding off others.

I just read a great book. It’s called Love Yourself~Like Your Life Depends On It. The cover is charged. It is the silhouette of the author, Kamal Ravikant, with a red heart in his chest and a gun to his head. Yup.

There are very few adjectives in this little book. You can read it in an hour or less. The stripped down writing style helps this book to be one of the most authentic and profound I have ever read.

It’s simple, really. Kamal was a doer. Always on the move. Working hard to grow his start up into a retirement sale. His health crashed, and the company was following suit. Close friend died, another relative died. Heartache, sickness, financial fear. He reached a breaking point.

His response was a vow to love himself. Deeply, in every way, in every decision. Every moment of every day. He began to say “I love myself” to himself constantly. I mean constantly. Out loud when possible, silently when necessary. Over and over and over. All day every day. Saying it and learning more and more to mean it.

In one month his body was healed, his company was back on track and his life became what he calls magical. Emails to a friend became a book request, a speech at the 2011 Renaissance Weekend, and more magic.

It’s a great book. It’s perhaps the most important message I could hear. And share.

A couple days of using the same mantra has helped me keep returning to that soft space in my heart. My body is resisting, I can feel it. But that’s ok. I love myself. I love my body in it’s resistance and the identity it has formed around pain, suffering and limitation. It only knows what my mind has been telling it.

Time to pave some new highways in the ol’ noggin.

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