Daily Archives: December 23, 2018

Back to Where We Started

So there we are as young kids, running around playing, our minds led by our hearts and imaginations.

Doing with presence and alignment.


Then we got “educated”, and believed that life is not all fun and games. For so many of us authenticity took a back seat to practicality.

Doing without presence and alignment.


Some of us woke up a little, and stopped. We let go and got still long enough to find the peace and freedom that is always there in the present moment. We began to meditate.

Non-doing with presence and alignment.


Now the question is: Can we get all the way back home? Meditation is not the end game. It is merely a tool. A quiet place to open up, a place to allow healing. A space in which to listen. A place of connection to love and possibility, and the desires of our soul.

There are those among us who never left the playground of their youthful heart. They are doing what it is that always lit there heart on fire. It may have been a struggle for awhile, but in remaining authentic instead of simply practical, they are in the flow of their own personal river of Life.

Doing with presence and alignment.