Daily Archives: October 21, 2018

True Freedom

There it is!  Down and to the right. 1.6 billion! Some freedom there, huh?


Financial freedom? Ah, that’s rhetorical.

Free time? Oh yeah.

Freedom to give like crazy…change the lives of others? You bet.

Freedom to experience almost anything? Health and physical mobility allowing, yup!

Freedom to roam, see as much of this planet as anyone ever has? Woohoo!

Inner freedom? Umm….

I am not knocking abundance. Or playing the lottery. I will have my ticket too.

But feel this with me. Without a connection to Love, the freedom money brings will be used trying to experience it…trying to feel whole, complete, and at peace with yourself. Yet this costs us only our fears.

True freedom is life without fear.

I used to think the fear of physical death was the source of the rest. I don’t know about that now. For me the idea of transition back into the non-physical and eventually into a new incarnation is exciting. I feel the same thrill around that as I feel when I imagine those numbers up there being my winning ones.

Yet I still find myself falling back into fear. Broke and in pain, with the old ways of earning income feeling like the death of my soul, I am forced to trust like never before. To let the freedom of authenticity in each present moment lead me home to Love and possibility.

I recognize the opportunity before me, and of it’s infinite value to mass consciousness. To remain free. To take my fear by the hand and dance our way to the mirror, loving all that we find there.