2 thoughts on “Surrender Made Easier

  1. littlemightyone

    Oh W H O A H Todd, this is so so so great.
    I woke up feeling so “off,” scared, sad, low, and instead of not looking at my phone right away, allowed myself to go to it as a relief, as a distraction…

    And I am so glad I did because I got THIS oh so perfect message from you.

    Thank you.

    I feel It’s a definite unlock.. Let’s see how it works in practice for me.
    Thank you Todd,


  2. Ease by the Seas

    Surrender and expectancy are two very different things. Something I do every morning is a Surrender my heart, soul , mind and body to my higher power ( whatever that means to you, in my case it’s god). Let Go , Let God….I know that god is not what you choose to call this amazing energy, universe or vibrations..but I also know you don’t judge. So yes, lets Surrender! Thanks Todd



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