Daily Archives: October 5, 2018

The Fast Lane

I had a lot of fun making this. It felt good, and sharing it with you was even better.

Well, that is, if you watch it…then we shared that time.

I felt afterward like it was part 1 of sorts. I am excited to share more tomorrow morning, when I will be feeling very different in my body. Mornings are so much more painful.

Yes, I am looking forward to that. Because it is an opportunity to live what I talk about in this video. To experience, and demonstrate at the same time, how the Life we seek to connect with, the Prana/Source we are approaching and allowing in at the same time meets us there in our hearts in the present moment. When we need it the most, when we are experiencing something that could easily disconnect us from joy….how to reach out while reaching in, and come heart to heart with the Universe.

Wow, that is quite the lead up to tomorrow. No pressure, Todd.

But first….here was this afternoon. Me and you, talking about WHY we do what we do. Why we are spiritual seekers….