Remaining In Love

Living the life we dream of, in the body that we dream of, in the place we dream of, with the partner we dream of is not what creates a connection and commitment to Love. It’s the other way around.

We decide to remain in Love. When the unwanted remains in our lives, our bodies, our relationships~ when despite of this we commit to the path of Love, Love takes the wheel, and the ride of our life  begins.

Remaining in Love

Decide to remain in Love with your beautiful self. With whatever present moment you find yourself in. With however your precious body feels. Let it be, and let Love begin to captain the ship.

If all hope is lost, let it be lost…and step into the power of the accepted present moment. The whisper of Love you feel there, breath into it. Yes, you are beloved. Grasp the outstretched hand of Love and let it draw you close. Let Love in.

You are so worthy of remaining here, in Love, and of all that it can flow to you.


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