Moving On

I’m moving out of my place in a few days. The adventure continues with a couple of house sitting gigs over the summer, a trip to the west coast for a meditation retreat, and then beginning the next chapter of life, in a new space and in togetherness with another.


I love the space I’m leaving. It has been perfect for me these past 7 months. Sunny and bright, with a great view all around from the top floor, I’ve loved being in this house on a hill in Gardner.

The spaces we inhabit reflect our inner world. I was able to let a lot of light, and love, into my life here. Full size windows on all sides made this the brightest space I’ve ever lived in. The views of sunrise, sunset, and everything in between meant I didn’t have to go anywhere to pause and savor the beauty of a now moment. I expanded on the inside without a journey to some far off place outside of me.


I didn’t bring much into this place, in the way of stuff. Living in a van creates a minimalist. There was plenty of room in this apartment. Floor space free to walk around on and from which to linger at a window and look beyond myself. No television taking up space inside or outside my mind. No pictures on the walls of loved ones in moments past made being connected to them in the present easier.


Our space mirrors our hearts back to us. Are we moving forward in the ways we want to? Are we moving along with the flow of our eternal present moment, or are we stuck in the patterns of past ones?

Sometimes just preparing to physically move on is all it takes to move forward. If you had to move out of your current space in a month, what would have to happen? How much stuff would have to be organized, or let go of or completely? The stuff in the basement, attic or garage~ it all has its match on the inside. Are you ready to let go of all that is no longer serving you?

I realize it can be overwhelming if you have a ton of shit. Getting started is the biggest challenge. In my experience the decision alone is a bit shift. One that will feel awesome, and will give you momentum, as well as ideas of how to get it done, and perhaps whose help you can enlist to assist you in this clearing endeavor.

There is always more than one silver lining to the work we perceive as challenging. A way to make a pre-move purge less daunting and at the same time a powerful daily practice is to instead of making it a gigantic weekend project make it something you work on daily, in a little at a time. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a focused 30 minutes. Getting up earlier in a devotion to seeing this change happen will prove its worth in wonderful and unexpected ways.  

accepting pain

Here’s to moving on, in every sense of the phrase. To a spacious and expansive journey forward, uncluttered, inside and out.



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