I Am Free

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I’m feeling a strength and momentum that is new and different this morning. I’m so grateful for what I learned yesterday, and the perfectly timed opportunity to be of service that reflected back to me why I felt trapped yet again.

Belief is a powerful thing. We can all summon a measure of will in an effort to practice something even if in some way it takes a measure of our freedom. We can even feel a sense of momentum and flow due to aligning with a belief that whatever the practice is a necessary part of a solution.

These practices could be dietary or exercise related. Or perhaps religious or seen as spiritual practice. They could simply be social or related to our use of time. Often they are some combination of these.

I’m not talking here about the challenge of breaking a physical addiction. While it can sometimes feel like captivity during the process, my experience is one of freedom and reclaimed power when breaking those chains.

Fear is a bold and virile guest. It creates thought patterns and attracts information that can marry without so much as a date and nest a comfy home and in our minds as beliefs in mere minutes. And it doesn’t take 9 months for the obligatory practices to be born.

At some point, however, the will, the determination that fuels such practices will begin to weaken. This is because beliefs are a creation of the mind, and while they are powerful enough to create a certain level of mind body coherence when followed, their power pales in comparison to the eternal and universal burning of Love and it’s inherent freedom that is our soul.

We cannot ignore the inner call to freedom forever. Fear will keep us in the same looping decisons around our deepest wounds. Around the places the Light has repeatedly shone through, many times in the form of pain, to call us back Home to the complete and utter joy of true freedom.

What is your pain, your unrest, or your sadness trying to show you? Take a moment to look at your usual reaction to it. Where is the blame laid? Has there been a consensus on the why of its continued presence? Does your response to it set your heart free, or simply temper a deeper fear?

For me the scapegoat for my physical pain has always been food. I can’t eat this, that and almost everything.  Yesterday the possibility that I had it backwards hit me warm and stiff wind. A wind that blew the roof off the mansion fear and information had built in one of the neighborhoods between my ears.

I am through making decisions around food that make me feel a captive. I trust that in the freedom I find there will raise the lower frequencies in my body, restoring it to balance if that is what serves the greatest good for all. And that is what I want. To be of service.

But never at the cost of my heart’s freedom. To believe this is sometimes necessary is the very consciousness we are here to get beyond as a planetary family.

I am free.


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