Radical Forgiveness

My life changed profoundly several years ago after an emotional clearing session called Radical Forgiveness. It reframed my past, and shifted my awareness. Love flowed into the space left open when my heart cleaned out all the closets 🙂

In the video I left out a very important aspect of the whole experience. I hope you’ll read the couple sentences below after watching it.


Ok, a couple things.

One, the most important person I put in the chair was myself. Nothing holds us captive more discreetly than self judgement. So much of what I describe feeling the next day was a wholeness, a self love and appreciation I had never felt to that extent before.

There are many RF facilitators our there. If this is something that has resonated with you, the link below offers a state by state listing of folks offering this type of session.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


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