Daily Archives: May 7, 2018

The Toughest Freedom to Grant

hard times

Unrelenting pain, be it physical or emotional, can be hard to see beyond. Resistance to it in any given moment changes hard to impossible when it comes to to seeing beyond it.

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about the idea of a free heart. I’ve shared my thoughts on how life goes from mundane to sublime when we live it from a place of presence in the present moment instead of from the narrative of the mind.

Even pain can be sublime when we lose our resistance to it, and everything it can create in us. Pain can be the greatest path to complete self love and wholeness as we surrender our grip on control and into the waiting arms of grace. Suddenly we find freedom instead of fault within ourselves and others.

The challenge is our resistance to some of the now moments pain can bring us to. It is easy to judge our negative emotions, suppress them, and hold them hostage in the name of “being better than that“. If we don’t grant our humanity in a now moment the freedom to be, it will bang at the door of the cage we have just created.

If we can find the love to let go of our resistance to our desires and feelings, no matter how we may have labelled them in the past, love’s freeing nature will work it’s magic. This alchemy of the heart brings healing , and a vision beyond whatever pain created what we have been resisting within ourselves.

In the video below, I share my thoughts and my own experience with perhaps the toughest freedom to grant ourselves and others: the freedom to want to leave this life behind.

I understand how deeply wounded many feel by the thought alone of someone they love wanting to leave. I hope this helps with that, even just a bit. Just like being that space for an angry friend to vent and move on, finding the love to allow for even the desire to leave to be honored is often the grace that heart needs.