Hands in the Clay


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“There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before its manifestation, and then joyously watch the unfolding as piece by piece its begins to unfold. That’s the feeling of your hands in the clay.” –Abraham-Hicks

Yes! I love this quote! Every time I read it with an open heart I smile broadly and nod my head knowingly as a breath or two of laughter comes out.

If you don’t know me you may have wondered what the title of this blog was all about. There you go. I love the imagery, the allegorical nature of the phrase used here. The clay is my life, and my thoughts and emotions are the hands shaping it.

Hands in the Clay is a life motto for me. When I first explored the implied truth behind this quote about 10 years ago, it was life changing. In it I found empowerment, love and gratitude. There you have the blog tagline. Three gifts I intend to share more about in the next three posts 🙂  The impact of the paradigm shift this idea brought me was so great I found myself wanting a permanent reminder of the joy and freedom found there. I did, and have a design tattooed on my shoulder that does just that.

I am not writing this post, or any others in this blog, to convince you of anything. There are infinite paths to joy and satisfaction in this experience we call life, and I have learned to honor them all. I write, well, for one, because words are one of the ways we share our experience, and sharing, as we all know, feels great! And who knows, perhaps my words can give to someone else a measure of the joy I have been given through what others have written.

It was in fact the Abraham-Hicks books, such as “Ask and It Is Given” that first introduced me to the idea that my thoughts affected my reality. Of course, like most others I saw the short movie “The Secret” when it first came out. This movie referenced new discoveries in quantum physics, so being the critical thinker I am dove into a little of that. I mean, lets make sure this create my own reality stuff isn’t a bunch of New Age hooey, right?

It didn’t take a very deep dive to learn of the famous Double Slit experiment, first conducted over 200 years ago. This experiment, replicated many times since then with increasingly more modern equipment, is what birthed the “quantum” study of physics to begin with. If you want an excellent yet short (5:04) visual explanation of what happened, I would suggest the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc .

The experiment concluded, in the super simplest of layman’s terms, that subatomic particles like photons and electrons, weren’t in fact particles at all, but possibilities. What? Yeah, that’s right. They could be observed, isolated, shot out of a “gun” as a particle, yet then behave, not as a particle would, (the particle they just were in order to be shot out of the gun)  but as waves as they passed through the double slits designed to direct their direction.

Holy sh*%#t!.. I think is what the physicists were likely thinking. Waves, that is, and here’s where it really gets cool….until they were observed. (cue the Twilight Zone music). Then we saw what we expected to see. What our beliefs told us should happen.

Doesn’t that just make you smile and laugh? For me it was like learning the most amazing, mind blowing thing ever and remembering a long known truth at the same time. It just makes sense, even in it’s non-sense. Ha. Seriously, watch the video, you’ll get it.

This became known as “collapsing the wave function.” The observer collapsed possibility into matter at the subatomic level. Think about that! And we knew this 200 years ago!

“It will remain remarkable, in whatever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of consciousness is the ultimate universal reality.” – Eugene Wigner, 1962 Nobel prize winning physicist.

The content of consciousness is the ultimate universal reality. Hmmm…wait a sec. But I can’t stop an apple from falling to the ground with my thoughts. Clearly it doesn’t work outside the realm of the subatomic.

Hold on there. Hold an apple out and prepare to drop it. Can you honestly tell me you believe you can prevent it from dropping? Why not?

Ah yes, the power of belief at work against my desire to suspend that apple in mid-air. Or my desire to heal my body. Or to create a life that isn’t a struggle for survival. It is amazing how deeply our subconscious holds on to “reality”. Kind of a bummer, huh?

Well, it could be. I certainly have learned that the hands immersed in the clay that is my life are not the easy daydreams of my conscious mind alone, but my entire mind. 85% of which, is my subconscious.

Deeply held, fear-based coping mechanisms and thought patterns, learned early on in life and reinforced throughout, have made for a long journey back to health that continues today. Re-wiring the mind doesn’t usually happen overnight. Especially when the old wiring is loaded with judgement and struggle.

After a Western medicine diagnosis of an “incurable” degenerative arthritic condition had me for years taking unholy amounts of pain meds, both prescribed and OTC, I was faced with the prospect of long term disability instead of working as things continued to worsen. It was this idea, the notion that I could effect change in my outer world by changing the inner, that gave me hope, and the courage to face my greatest fears.

As I said, the long journey continues. But its length only adds to the wisdom it offers. I am profoundly grateful for all it has brought me.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Albert Einstein.

Indeed. Higher consciousness. Love. Empowerment. More on that come!


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